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Competent Design of the Essay: Title Page, Bibliography, Outline, Sample

When checking written work, the teacher assesses not only a well-written text, but also its design. If a student wants to get an excellent score, then the requirements for registration must be met in his written work. This is an axiom. "They are greeted by their clothes ..." even essays and essays with essays in a row. Therefore, in order not to lose face, you just need to follow a few rules.

The composition of the work

The purpose of the essay is to express your thoughts. What is an essay and how to write one? An essay is a type of written work, the purpose of which is to express the author's thoughts and defend his position on the topic. This type of written work, such as an essay, is used in teaching not only schoolchildren, but also students. But then the essays of both will differ significantly.

Therefore, this genre can be conditionally divided into the essay that is written in exams like the exam, and the one that is written by students in universities. On the exam, the essay must have a specific number of words, a clear time frame, but does not require a title page and a bibliography, as is required in higher education. The essay genre does not involve writing huge and well-structured abstracts. The peculiarity of his writing is that it is fairly easy to write my term paper for this free genre in expression.

In the process of working on an essay, the student or student develops their creativity and also hones their writing skills. Usually such a written work is small, but in order to write it well and meet the set requirements, you need to know what it consists of. Requirements for writing an essay:

  1. The title page is the face of your essay. The pages are usually counted from it, but the title is never numbered, but is included in the general numbering.

  2. An outline that reflects the structure of the essay.

  3. The result of your reflections and disclosure of the topic (introduction, main part).

  4. Conclusions on the work done.

  5. List of sources used. It is written on a separate page and drawn up according to the rules.

All pages of the essay should be numbered, excluding the title page, on which the number is not put.

Evaluation criteria

It is not only the content of the essay that is assessed. In addition to having well-formed text, nails number of other aspects. The teacher evaluates: the topic you have chosen and how you possess information within that topic; the ability to work with literary sources; competent presentation of your thoughts and persuasiveness in defending your position. It is not a fact that if you perfect your text, the teacher will give you an excellent score, without taking into account mistakes in other aspects. You need to be attentive throughout the entire work.

Content of the essay

Like any essay, an essay consists of three well-known semantic parts:

  1. An introduction is a part of your essay in which you introduce the reader to the topic of the written work, and also briefly describe it in general.

  2. The main part is a full disclosure of the topic and idea of the essay using arguments and facts that would support your point of view.

  3. Conclusion - one or more conclusions about the work or your recommendations.

All of these pieces of meaning are the backbone of your writing. Observing their sequence and the principle of writing, the very process of creating an essay will become easier, since all the information will already be laid out on the shelves. Further, your creativity and standing up for your position will determine how good the job will be.



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