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Active ESA Dog Breeds To Pick - 2022 Guide

By matching the characteristics of the emotional support animals with the nature of the emotional or mental health issue, a person can very easily recognize the type of emotional support animal he should keep for his emotion in a sentence. However, needs and requirements for all types of ESAs are the same. For instance, an esa letter for housing is required from a licensed health professional to keep the emotional support animals for assistance. This is still not the end as several beads are present in a particular type of animal. For example, parrots have several different breeds, cats have several different breeds and the same is the case for all other types of animals.

Thinking of having an emotional support animal, but you are confused about which dog breed should be perfect in providing you the emotional support you need? If yes, continue reading so that you come aware of the best ESA dog breeds that can help you in effectively overcoming your emotional or mental health issues.

Keeping emotional support animals is very common nowadays. The reason behind this is that almost every single person is experiencing or suffering from some sort of emotional or mental health issues. The most common of these issues are depression, anxiety, and stress. People prefer keeping emotional support animals to overcome or reduce the effects of these emotional or mental health issues because we see that different types of treatments and medications are not effective especially in helping people get rid of these issues permanently.

The different types of treatment and medications are good at providing temporary relief to people from these emotional or mental health issues, but people nowadays perform methods that provide them with a permanent solution rather than providing them temporary relief. However, people who decide to keep emotional support animals for their emotional support are often confused in deciding which type of animal should be kept. This decision can very easily be made if the person considers the severity and nature of the emotional or mental health issue he is facing. Because some animals are good at one thing while others are good at another.

Dogs are considered the most commonly used emotional support animals. All breeds of dogs possess unique characteristics and traits, these unique characteristics and traits help owners effectively and quickly get rid of their emotional or mental health issues. However when it comes to using a specific breed of dog then the decision becomes quite difficult as all the breeds of dogs are equally effective in providing emotional support to the people. Still, some dog breeds are considered the best in providing emotional support to people. No matter what the breed of dog is, an emotional support animal letter is a must if you keep ESAs. Mentioned below are the best ESA dog breeds:

Pug: Most famous breed of dog which is preferred as an emotional support animal. The reason behind preferring pugs for emotional assistance is their friendly and positive nature. Pugs by their physical appearance seem like mature dogs but they are very friendly. They are known to touch the happiness and positivity of their owners very quickly. Among all the breeds of dogs are known to possess a temperament that is integrated with positive thinking. Their positive thinking makes their owner think positively as well and thus helps in effectively providing emotional support people need to get rid of their emotional or mental health issues. In addition to that, the positive thinking and the happy nature of pugs help people to quickly move towards a quality life. Apart from all that, the physical appearance of pugs attracts most of the owners, as they cannot control themselves to take a cute small hug with their small bunny pug.

  • Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniel: This is another breed of dog which is considered the best breed in terms of emotional support they provide. The love and affection shared by Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniel are what makes them the best ESA dog breed. This breed of dog is known to offer so much love to the people that it is very difficult for them to stay without Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniel or spend time without them. In addition to that, it is their love that helps people very easily fight depression and anxiety. The loving nature makes their owner forget their worst experiences and forces them to enjoy the love that is provided by Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniel and respond with love and affection as well.

  • Golden Retriever: This is another best ESA dog breed. This breed of dog is specifically considered the best for children as they are very friendly. They are known to possess patient behavior and attitude and a friendly nature that best suits children or kids. Therefore, they are mostly Kept for kids, free from some emotional and mental health issues, as they very easily make a strong bond with their owner which in turn helps them in recovering or overcoming different mental health issues. You can apply for an esa letter online from

  • Vizsla: The active nature of Vizsla makes it the best ESA dog breed. Most people suffering from emotional and mental health issues are found to recover easily if they change their routine and make themselves active. Vizsla involves his owner in different activities which in turn make the owner healthy and overcome the different emotional or mental health issues.

Mentioned above are some of the best ESA dog breeds. However, no matter what type of breed of dog you keep as an ESA you should make sure to have an ESA letter so that your dog can stay with you easily.

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