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Basic Essay Structure

A good written essay must have this permanent quality about it; it must draw its curtain round us, but it must be a curtain that shuts us in not out.

Knowing basic essay structure and possessing main recommendations and rules of the perfect essay will help you to create a brilliant piece of writing that will be worthy of praise. Essay is a piece of flowing, continuous, structured and paragraphed text. Actually every essay requires having basic essay structure. Writing high-quality essay means creating a coherent set of ideas into an argument. Remember, successfully structuring essay means attending to a reader’s logic. Basic essay structure provided by StudyDaddy presupposes indication of the important information the reader should know.

We are presenting you basic essay structure guide that describes essential steps in writing this type of paper. Essay introduction includes some background information and custom thesis sentence. Moreover, find the quotation that will reflect all your ideas and sum up everything that you want to say in an interesting way.

Don’t forget about the thesis as thesis statement indicates the point author will take in the paper. Thesis statement should be either implied or stated. Remember a good thesis statement is the key to a good essay. Usually thesis statement is written in one or two sentences.

Basic essay structure requires each individual paragraph to be focused on some idea that supports the thesis statement. Your paragraphs should have a topic sentence, it is like a mini thesis sentence. Try to give as much explanations and proof for every sub-point paragraph.

Ensure that every paragraph is linked with cause and effect, negative and positive aspects, illustration and extension. This will help you to connect one paragraph with another.

Professionally exit your body paragraphs by making a quick wrap-up sentence. The conclusion of the essay should summarize the main points of the paper, show evidence that the author has proved with the help of different arguments and the thesis statement that you have set in the opening paragraph.

Format your paper according to the basic essay structure, polish your language by correcting some grammar mistakes, adjust the formality, make sentences flow and give a level-headed tone.

You see that the essay of any type should have basic essay structure. You are highly recommended to go to and follow all instructions and proofread your paper several times.

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