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Instructions to Write A Review Paper

Also known as literature review, the review article is a comprehensive survey of the previously published research articles in a subject matter. Essay writer is supposed to provide an overview on the theme or current thinking, but should never state the new experimental results, unlike an original research article.

A literature review provides the reader with a critical evaluation of the data from the previous literature. The main purpose of the review articles is to identify the potential research area to make further research, and a review paper can lead towards drawing new conclusions from the already existing resources.

The prime purpose of the review articles is to explain the current knowledge, identify the major research techniques and main methodologies which have been utilized, provide a comprehensive base on the topic, and highlight the existing gaps for the potential future research in the existing body of knowledge.

A review paper is not a pure summary of the information that we have collected through online channels. You are supposed to synthesize, analyze and interpret the information which provides you with a meaningful source. You are not supposed to provide the material, rather you need to critically analyze it by explaining its significance or relevance to the topic at hand. You might be needing assistance from an essay writing service to write your paper.

There are a significant number of journals that are publishing review articles and there are a number of journals that do not accept those papers. Before publishing your content, you need to make sure that you are knowledgeable about the aims and scope of the journal in which you are going to publish your content and know if you are at the right place.

There is a significant difference between the review article and a research article. The research article highlights the perspective of the author while a review article provides a critique on the viewpoint of the author regarding a particular point. The research article provides new content while the review article evaluates the already published content. The length of a research article depends upon the word limit of the journal while the review article is comparatively shorter in length but it will still be following the word limit. An essay writer can help you in this regard.

Following are the eight strategies which are needed to be followed when you are writing a review paper.

  • Always make sure to check the scope and aim of the journal before writing a review paper. There are a number of different journals which are submitting different kinds of articles. It’s important to check all the journals before you start writing. Not all of them would be accepting the review articles.

  • Prior to publishing your article, it is important to identify the scope of research questions you are referring to and the review article. Essay writer online should have to convince the reader that your review article would be contributing something worthwhile in the literature. The scope also includes if your review paper is not too lengthy or small and is manageable. If the field has already been determined, you might need to put your focus on the recent advancements in the field.

  • While you are making efforts to analyze the review article’s sources, you need to utilize multiple search engines so that you might not miss the important articles.

  • Always save time for the abstract, keywords, and title which would help you increase the online visibility of your article and make sure that the right reader is reading your content. The abstract, as well as the title, needs to be accurate, informative, concise, and clear.

  • Begin with writing an overview of the context of the paper as well as the explanation of the topic. Collect the research data to make an informative introduction to your topic. Make it general so that it could be disseminated to a large number of audiences. It will help increase the wider impact as well as the relevance of the paper.

  • Never write a long introduction. Try to divide the review into a number of sections to allow all the key perspectives to be highlighted more appropriately.

  • Always ensure that you discuss a critical discussion and not merely a summary of the context which you are describing. Always try to incorporate contradictory perspectives into your argument. A review paper can help resolve a conflict by building the arguments in a concise and comprehensive manner.

  • Your thesis should illustrate your objectives in writing the review and your discussion should serve to accomplish your objectives. Make sure you keep your discussion related to the thesis in order to meet your objectives.

  • While concluding your review paper, you need to write a review that provides a clear impression that you have completely understood the unresolved issue at hand and it can be done by making suggestions for future research on the topic.

  • The last thing which needs to be performed is the final grammar and spell-check of the article before you submit your work. A friend or a colleague might want to help you in the process of writing while you are worried about how to write my essay. While writing your essay, keep in mind if English is not your native language then you have to polish your language.

  • Your paper needs to be composed of the four general sections with a proper introduction, the body paragraph, the concluding paragraph AMC future directions, and finally the references and bibliography. The review articles never provide the methodology section or the materials and not the abstract.

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